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The "Busket" List of one Crowline Creature {Updated Jan. 2011}

  1. Learn Metalsmithing.
  2. Visit a city outside of Canada in 2011.
  3. Learn to speak another language.
  4. Become financially independent.
  5. Learn to use my TLR and 120mm Box camera better.
  6. Learn to develop my own film.
  7. Open my Etsy Vintage shoppe.
  8. Finish home renovations.
  9. Create a whimsical and wonderful backyard. I do love it back there...
  10. Paint. Canvases.
  11. Run. Jog. Walk. Crawl, if it has to be...A 10K.
  12. Do Yoga.
  13. Figure out what I truly believe in, or find something to believe in...
  14. Figure out what I stand for.
  15. And what I will not stand...
  16. Reduce consumption. Ongoing of course.
  17. Love more freely.
  18. Trust more freely.
  19. Start a letter correspondence with someone. A couple of someones now!!! YAY!
  20. Laugh more.
  21. See my very best friends more often.
  22. Stop avoiding and putting off the things that are best for me...
  23. Wear clothing that speaks of who am I.
  24. Create a studio I love to be in.
  25. Buy the expensive berries, coffee, toilet paper...Life is too short for single ply TP.
  26. Write more of my novel...
  27. Volunteer with an organization I believe in.
  28. Maybe another pet? My cat is territorial and old~ish but I desperately want another!
  29. Join a class. Perhaps pottery, calligraphy or French. I've started an Orientation to the Trades Program. There will be more...
  30. Make $$. 
  31. Start a retirement fund.
  32. Be alone and okay. Regain and get to know myself.
  33. Buy flowers for myself every week.
  34. Keep Learning.
  35. Remind my Parents of how very important and beautiful they are. 
  36. Go to school and get a trade.
Hmmm...I could go on and on but this is a pretty comprehensive list...
Began in 2010.

When it is being done I'll colour it blue.
When something gets done I'll strike it through

Inspired by Susannah of Ink on my Fingers...
Though of course there are many lovely lists abounding.

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C. Bromley said...

Nice list, I see a lot of things on here that I'd love to do for myself! All the best,