This Blog is no longer active...
You can find me here if you are so inclined!
Hope you are well...


Er...No, not back...
The Polyvore is still attached to the blog.
Ah well.
I didn't realize until scrolling through Google Reader...I was surprised to see my wee~hours collage...
Hope you are all very well.

Love Fall


This blog is exhausted...
I will post a link when I start a pared down; Essentials, Inspirations, Photography and Art; type of space...
Be well my Friends...


Identity Crisis...

I used to have a pierced bottom lip.
I found the old ring tonight and tried it on. Nestled it into the scar...
It felt right.
Though I wouldn't do it now.

"I'm going through changes..."

Perhaps a mid~life crisis?
No one truly knows when they are actually at the mid point.

How about you? Are you feeling the need or mandate to change? To reinvent?


ps. When I was in junior high I was getting ready to go out one evening...I walked through our living room, my older brother exclaimed "Awesome Dee! You look just like Ozzy!" I took off the glasses and put my hair up...
Thanks Juan! Yep, my brother's name is Juan...Born here in Newfoundland. Strange. I was supposed to be Dagmar...Perhaps I still will be.

Blog Blegh

So many things to focus on and nothing is getting my clear {deserved} attention...

I love this place.
I especially love the few of you I've come to consider friends.

I think it may be time to finish this blog.

I am thinking of another space solely for photos {in the future}...

I need to prioritize.

~Health {physical and mental}
~Home {renovating and enjoying}
~Friends and Family {renovating and enjoying} heehee!
~Prep for School {$, medical, math}
~The Shop
~Cooking {Love to, yet cooking for one has left me uninspired...Want to change that.}
~Culture {So many galleries and places I keep meaning to get involved with...}

Sadly Blogging is very low on the list.
I find it has gotten away from me...

I'll let you know.

I will still be reading though...Whatever happens...


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I was just {minutes ago} sitting in the stands eating sushi with chopsticks and watching my Father play softball. The lights over the field had just come on, the scene was lovely and surreal...
A lady, drinking a sweaty beer, a stand away asked which player was mine.
I pointed "That's my Dad."
My eyes filled with tears. I was so, so proud. He is an amazing man, not perfect, but fabulous and amazing. Inspiring.
Her eyes filled with tears when she saw mine...
We laughed and wiped our eyes.


My Future...

I am accepted for school in February.
To become a Crane Operator.
While it wasn't my first choice; all the stars aligned in unbelievable ways; it may be the best choice.
It's a wonderful time to be a woman in the trades...

Crane Skyline by Ciara Lewis