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Month Ending

It's the end of the month, where are you in your goal list?

These were the goals I set during the first week of April...
  1. Set up my studio. Make it a place that I love to be.
  2. Learn as much as possible about selling on Etsy.
  3. Create a recognizable, satisfying and consistent look in the photos that I will be using when I open my Etsy shop.
  4. Create! Create! Create! (and then a little more!)
  5. The paper aspect of my business...Business cards, tags, postcards, etc.
It seems I have gone a stray...I have done many things for my business on Etsy but not exactly those listed above.
  1. I've opened my Etsy shop with all the financial things that entails.
  2. I have collected, washed, ironed, and prepped a lot of vintage items that I will be selling. I have decided on how to photograph these items. Taken outdoors, hung on a wooden hanger with an aged wooden backdrop. Simple and effective. Some things will be on models if the size permits me to use my friends as models!
  3. I've decided to use Excel to keep track of the costs, etc. after getting advice from a local business owner. We have a copy of the program.
  4. I am learning to use The Photographer's DSLR...I fear this will be an unending goal.
  5. Decided to do my own business cards, for now.
  6. I decided on the way I will be photographing my jewelry. Prop, light box, etc.
  7. I have began sketching my logo as well.
The one goal that I did get to was to "learn about selling on Etsy". However, I think that is also one of those things that you keep learning as you go.

I will be posting May's goals tomorrow, May 1.


Laura. said...

yay, thanks for stopping by! what a lovely space you have here. hurrah for may and new goals, for learning and figuring out new things. i like your idea for photographing your items.
i have found the etsy seller's excel workbook to be really helpful in tracking sales made on etsy, specifically.
happy friday!

Anonymous said...

ooh love that photo! Its funny cause I'm planning on a similar set up for some items in my shop:) I like that first goal. I feel like I rarely get around to prettying up my studio...

Tena said...

I'm excited to see your things on Etsy! Seems I have a lot to catch up on about you and all your talents!