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Word of the Past Week = Squandered

I have had a pretty unsuccessful week in terms of my business goals. Creating and Blogging. Not great at all. Thankfully I am blessed with tomorrow...

What I did do...

Wore a dress. I used to wear dresses all the time but I've lost my confidence to wear 'feminine' things, and so, I mostly wear jeans and (the dreaded) a hoody now. So I will wear a dress at least twice a week from now until fall. A little dare to myself.

Wore antlers (only better-branches) for the first time!
Which reminds me, have you seen the new Antler online magazine yet? It recently featured one of my favourite jewelry designers and blogger, Abigail A. Percy.

And found this....

Off the beaten path in Outer Cove we discovered the most magical place.

I sat on an ancient rock formation, turned my face into the sun and was consciously thankful.

And spent some quality time with Drooke, my furry friend.

I was a week well spent, on living.

All these photos were taken by Andrew Ryan 'The Photographer'.

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