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Light it up Right

I have been researching the best techniques for photographing products and have found so many useful tips! It's a little mind boggling...
One of the best pieces of advice I have found is to set up a light box. I didn't even know what one was let alone how to set one up! I researched (googled) and found that there are hundreds available at any price point. I knew it would be a fairly easy thing to make and found these instructions on the blog 'Strobist- learn how to light'.
This way the smaller items that I have to photograph will have a consistent look and I can leave it set up so there is no wasted time.

It is great to learn something new that really adds value to your experience.

I am now going to get everything I need to set this baby up. Expect photos of my jewelry soon!!! (and a photo of the aforementioned 'light box')

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Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hi Andrea. Thanks so much for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog and me and my son.
Good luck with the lightbox - I bought my first SLR camera recently and am on a big learning curve at the moment!