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5 Daily Gratitudes

It seems the ball has been dropped on the 5 Daily Gratitudes Blog, and I haven't been posting my 5 because it has not been updated since Monday. So here they are here on my blog...I am grateful for...
  1. My mom is home from the hospital recovering.
  2. I planted flowers in the rain today and it felt wonderful.
  3. Being able to comfort a child through distraction.
  4. Feeling really tired and it is bedtime for me.
  5. Electric fans.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Today was a good day.

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Tena said...

Wait a minute! I must have missed a post. I didn't know your mom was in the hospital. Is she okay?

I'm grateful for -
1. Summer hours at work
2. My talented and handsome son
3. My mom is turning 75 next month
4. Air conditioned cars
5. A shower every night