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A Clothespin by any other name...

One of my favourite things to do is hang clothes out on the clothes line. I feel 'flow' at these beautiful moments...I think it is the combination of; loving my backyard with the huge maple trees and salvaged wooden fence; the sun rippling through the leaves that blow in the breeze; the smell of clean laundry; being kind to mother earth; and the clothespins...I love clothespins!

I use them for a lot more than hanging clothes too. They hold opened bags together in my pantry*, they hold the curtains in front of my desk together in the evening, they hold notes to various slim objetcs around my house...

Here is an homage to the lovely clothespin

Brookish on Etsy has these fantastic Pride and Predudice clothespins. Perfect for holding your spot in an equally absorbing read!

Yaelfran captures the true nature of the clothespin (the work horse that it is) in this amusing print in her Etsy shop.

And for the couple who love clothespins as much as each other there is the customizable wedding cake topper from Lollipop Workshop. So cute!

*pantry is a very loose term here...I am renovating and am using an old shopping cart (yes, like the homeless carry their stuff in...) as my 'pantry' until my real pantry is created!

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Tena said...

I love clothespins, too. When I was around 11, I helped hang out the laundry. My mom and grandma always hung the laundry outside. It brings back fun memories. I still have my grandmothers bag of pins and use some in my kitchen for closing bags and such.

I need to order some of those P & P pins for my sons girlfriend. Her fav book.

I can't believe I actually got to post on your blog! Usually I get booted off! Silly web!