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Now I Know Why...

...I procrastinate going down into the basement to work.

It's summer!

Outside in my secret garden, the trees are breathing with the gentle breeze. The sun is flickering from the leaves, a diluted strobe light. My plants are basking and growing. The new fence gate is calling out to be painted a pretty bright colour. Turquoise! Like the sea! The birdies are chatting happily while the ants go marching from compost to Queen.

And me. I need to keep working in the dreary, damp, dark, dungeon like studio. My chains may be pure silver but they are still chains!! ;)
I can hear those violins playing.


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Catherine@Simply Natural said...

It may be a dungeon, but it is a beautiful one. I adore your kite wallpaper and the tins you have attached to the wall.
But I do hope you get to enjoy some of that can't be all work and no play!