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My Working Space...

In late March I said that "after" photos of my studio space would be coming soon.
Well I guess in sea turtle years this isn't so bad. Here is the post from March.

...and here, I am happy to say, are some (still work to be done on the opposite side of the room) of the after photos...

Some of my reference materials,
Quote notebook from my Dad,
A vintage hat bust,
and origami cranes from Andrew.

Supplies. Mostly vintage beads.

Stuff I like...
I love the vintage kite wallpaper!

Shoe calender from my good friend Kat,
antique glass dish from my grandmother,
artist palette and vintage beads.

Clementine boxes and chocolate tins (magnetic and handy!) attached to the wall.
Treasures displayed.

Part of my work bench...

A hand hooked rug from my Nanny, it's a treasured piece of mine.
Vintage hats,
mask, sock monkey, drums, the usual studio requirements.

A vintage brooch of Newfoundland's flower, the Pitcher Plant.

A piece I am working on for a client, Joan.

I hope to share the other side of my studio "sooner" than before!!


Tena said...

I love it! And I love the kite wallpaper, too! I could so be creative in that space! You have a great collection of lovely things.

Nancy Martini said...

What a delightfully beautiful studio! Looks like a place I would like to pull up a chair and stay awhile...