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A Favourite Place To BE...

Throughout the last 12 years this beach, Middle Cove beach, has been a place I "go to" to BE.

these are taken days before the storm...
I feel me here.

There is something about this place.
The smooth water rounded stones. Granite stones.
It makes me believe in change.
It makes me value where I am from.
-A Newfoundlander-
It makes me breathe deeply.
It is my favourite place to think and plan.
It has many faces.

It makes me calm. It makes me nervous. It makes me excited. It makes me feel.

Really feel.

There was a little storm here this weekend past it caused some beautiful sights.
The seagulls were delighted by the wind, rain and waves. They laughed; screaming and diving the whole time.
I found a live urchin on the beach, the first time I've ever seen a live one. I spoke to him. He opened his mouth and spat salt water at me. I ran to the edge of the water and dropped him in. I hope he made it. The waves caught my heels as I retreated. I was soaked from waist down. The trip was unplanned and Andrew and I were quite wet and salty when we reluctantly left.
It was awesome.
I wish I could send you the smells and sounds with these photos.

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Tena said...

I can almost feel the spray in my face. That would be my favorite place, too. There's a place in California where I went once on vacation called Cambria. The beach there looks a lot like Middle Cove.

The more I see of Newfoundland, the more I think I could love it.