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Happy September!

Monthly Goal Meetup is here! This post is general Life-ish goals. :)

Fall always seems to bring choices...
I love the feeling that fall gives me.
I feel calm and clear headed, ready to start new ventures.
I think New Years Day should be in early September.
The feeling from high school that "This will be THE year!" has not faded in the 12 years I've been gone from that system.
Hope rides high this time of year.
There are still 121 days until the actual new year, plenty of time to make 2009 the best year yet and the start of a more beautiful life.
What would you like to accomplish in the next 121 days that will be the perfect launching ground for 2010?
I have a few things that I need to do...
  1. Finish renovating my abode.
  2. Learn more about metalsmithing.
  3. Lose more weight.
  4. Create more.
  5. Read some of the serious novels (aka non-fiction) that are on my bedside table.
Accomplishing these things would leave me in the perfect spot for the celebration of the new year.
I'd like to know your list...Let me know...


Angie said...

Well said! I love the idea of making New Year's Day in September. The day after labor day seems to be my personal New Year. Best of luck meeting your September goals.

Cyn said...

Andrea--I feel the same way about September! I feel like I should go out and buy some new school clothes and a fresh set of pencils for myself. Enjoy the feeling and good luck this month!

Sherisa of L'élephant Rose said...

Haha when we were younger, we lived by so many calendars in one year. No reason that should stop now. Mini New Years are SO appropriate!

Best of luck with your goals! :)

Kedzie said...

Great list of goals! This is my first month posting my goals on Modish and love the inspiration reading everyone's goals. As someone trying to get through DeLillo's Underworld right now, I might suggest waiting for bad weather to tackle that book pile.

Liz said...

Oh yes, new year in September, it always feels like the start of a new year to me too. Great goals for September, and this IS the year!

Cheri said...

Hi Andrea,
I love the colors in your post. I agree, New Year's should be in September. But wait, maybe not. This way ({if we pretend it is} and we mess up, it's like we get a second chance!

x Cheri