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For those of you needing a little inspiration today.
One of my favourite quotes.I used to ask "How can an artist, focused on (their) craft make a real difference in the world?"
Now I know that people who are a happy make a difference. They may not be volunteering somewhere war torn and feeding hungry children but
happy people make people happy
and That makes the World spin lighter on it's axis.


*fitcetera* said...

this made me realize, Andrea, that THAT is a big enough goal to strive for.

*fitcetera* said...

I forgot to say ... YOU make me happy with your comments and your blog entries.
YOU matter.

Ariel said...

such a lovely post :)

Joania said...

Great post and wonderful quote..thanks for this and thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog, your support means a lot to me!! Have a good one! :)

Michaela Dawn said...

This is such an uplifting positve space:) Ah, I think I will come here for my "me time" to get a charge of good energy;)

So right on the Dreams!