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A True Account

I wouldn't normally say all this to you but everyone else is busy...

I am living in a ZOO-ish neighbourhood today.
I am actually stunned by the chaos "out there"...

This is what I see or hear right now. I am sitting at my desk, which is in the front window facing the road, researching the French Resistance and writing, as I said I would.

There are two grown men trying to keep a mini bike running...One has a bike helmet on and his knees are up way higher than the handle bars...The other guy, who has on high waisted white jeans with a tank top tucked in, is holding onto the back and pushing him
the hill. Then he chases him down the hill and so on.
Over and over and over.

A neighbour next door is lying face down on the concrete step with one arm up over his head holding a cigarette. I would have thought he was dead if there wasn't an old man with a huge Santa Claus beard standing over him talking about how drunk they are...

Across the street there are two flamboyant gay men, both grey and balding, shouting at each other. One keeps yelling "Go and call Cyril! Go and call Cyril!" in his extremely nasal voice.
Both are frantically waving their arms at each other.

The drunken guy on the step is up in his apartment by now and the noise from the mini bike must be bugging him because he is leaning out of his window yelling slurred obscenities...
He actually throws. a. beer. bottle. (labatt ice, gentle Canadian beer) from the third floor at the bike and the helmeted man who is flying, quite fast actually, down the road. On the mini bike.

There are sirens, of Police cars, on the main road, 2 houses away from my home.

A car just ran over the beer bottle, the crunch reverberates.
Poor unsuspecting driver to come unto this road today!

The mini bike guy's car alarm goes off...

I head out the back door...
Calm. Warm. Breezy. Sun beams. Bumble bees.

Vintage clothes drying on the line.

What Zoo?


tena said...

Well, at least you've got lots of inspiration for writing, LOL! I feel like I was right there in the room watching and hearing it all. Very descriptive, Andrea.

And the calm of your back yard was a nice ending :)

*fitcetera* said...

thank god for back doors to escape out of.
andrea i love the photo of your shadow reflection and you waving hello ... i think it's hello and not goodbye.
i love this blog and find comfort here.