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B. S. T. #18

Beautiful Simple Things #18

low tech and lovely
my current favourites...
film cameras
stove top espresso makers
hand knit
from scratch
shadow puppet shows...


it is interesting to contemplate that most of the above items were high tech not so long ago.
it baffles the mind to think of where we may be headed.
any low tech things on your favourite list?


tena said...

I used to have an old Underwood typewriter. It was my grandma's. I had to leave it behind when my life was in chaos in California. I tried to find ribbon for it, but never did.

I like your favorite things, too. That cute little necklace is almost too cute to pass up.

Thank you as always, for your caring spirit.

claire said...

I like your list -- I have a place in my heart for "low tech" things :)

Tammy said...

Not sure about low brain is working kinda slow this morning, lol. What I love are old at least 100 years. Now THOSE are really full of charm and character. :)