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"Camera" ~Etsy Search #2~

I love this (reclaimed wood) Camera Bot by
William Dohman
This Bot kinda' reminds me of a photographer friend of mine. ;)
A treasure chest of a shop!
There are also lovely photos, signs and artwork over in this Etsy shop...

I have a little Imperial Toy camera and I love the colours these little toy cameras have. Colours captured in this limited edition illustration by
There are beautiful illustrations of the everyday turned interesting in Christine Berrie's shop.
Go take a peek maybe your favourite thing is featured in one of them.

Another of my favourite cameras, though I've yet to get one!(hint. hint.)
Nan Lawson Illustration
I love the way she illustrates people too.
Especially Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Of course if you've been reading here for long you know I am trying to learn French for my *someday* trip to Paris...
This beautiful necklace captures the spirit of that trip-to-be.
"vous ete mon destin"
"you are my destiny" I say to Paris, French and Photography.

This Etsy shop could make me very poor.
Restraint is needed when looking through it.
I love the look of vintage cameras, even if some are no longer able to be used.
Developing tanks are so cool too.
Since I will eventually develop my own film this would be perfect.
I already have an enlarger from my father's film days...

An alternate camera because one can never have enough, cameras or jewelry!
This little gem matches my everyday jewelry and captures spirit of photography (freedom) with the swallow charm.
So pretty, by

Go find something for the camera obsessed on your Christmas list!


Torilpia said...

Lots of fantastic cameras .. I really loved the jewelry camera on your last picture :o)

Will be checking out Etsy :o)

Meg Fee said...

that first necklace is perfection. i too would like to learn french and flee tp pari!!