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Handmade Gifts

For the Critters

I have spent hours, and hours, making presents and can't share them with you until after Christmas. Just in case one of the intended is watching! The new age way of looking in closets, under beds, in drawers...

When I was younger I would never give homemade things because I worried that people would consider me cheap...My world has changed so much since then! Thankfully! I now know the value of the things I create and, more importantly, I don't worry about those who would be so unkind to consider a gift unworthy. With the surge in appreciation for homemade and handmade items I hope to see Christmas less exploited. I hope it becomes filled with gratitude, love and ease (and less hectic shopping!).

Do you create gifts for people in your circle? Is there anyone who you wouldn't give a handmade present to? Do you like receiving handmade gifts?


Michaela Dawn:Skinny Swallow:Windy Woman said...

ahah, what a sweet offering!

nathalie et cetera said...

I like giving handmade things, but I don't always have time to do it. I also love receiving handmade presents.
it was nice having you visit my blog the other day. Newfounland visits are always very welcome! :)

Tammy said...

Handmade gifts have always meant the most to me, simply for the thoughtfulness behind them. Taking the time to think of something I'd like, and then all the time it takes to make it. A lot of love and caring goes into handmade gifts and that's never been lost on me. Just love them.

Is there anyone I wouldn't give a handmade gift to? Yes. Dwayne's mom. I give her a basket full of homemade baked goods each year, but I also put store-bought trinkets in it, too, and try to buy a nice basket to put them in. Last year I bought a gold glittery sleigh to use as a basket....something she can re-use as a decoration in her home the next Christmas that matches her style of decorating.

I made several handmade gifts this year out of monetary necessity, and I know each person that receives them will cherish them. That makes me feel good. :)