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Empowered ~ It Ain't Pretty~

My "Word of 2010".
I have been complaining and whining about my living space for about 2 years now. The renovations are killing me...Specifically, the Turtle pace of these renovations is killing me.
I would estimate about one thing a month, for the last 4 years, has been getting completed. If that. There is a new, beautiful grooved wooden ceiling in the living room, new flooring in the three rooms of my main floor, new windows, new doors, new walls...It's the little finishing things that are not getting done. So my living room is a storage shed for the tools, wood, tiles, drawers, trims, etc. that are required to do the finish work.
No one, who knows how to do this work, seems to understand the turmoil and anguish this space is causing me. I feel as though I can't do anything until it is finished, livable...So, since I am the only one who knows how badly this is affecting my mental health, I guess I have to figure out how to do the work. MYSELF. :/
I decided to start in the kitchen since it is the hub of my happiness (unhappiness). I am pretty tired of having no sinks. Yep. No sink, kitchen or bathroom, for 2 years. I fill a dish pan with water from the bath faucet to wash up after meals.

I chose to use tiles for the counter top because of the unusual shape of the base cabinet. The base cabinet was salvaged from a renovated commercial space, it was next to the dumpster outside...We cut and added until it was what I wanted. Originally white I am painting it charcoal...
Kitchen RenoKitchen Renos - Do not pretty pictures make!
Kitchen Reno
Grouted with Epoxy Grout because it is very stain resistant. It will dry to deeper gray than pictured...
Kitchen RenoKitchen Reno
Repairing holes...Any carpenters out there can just hold their comments to themselves. This worked fine, thank you very much! ;)
Kitchen Reno
After I had the tiles and finishing strip put on I realized I didn't come over far enough, the fan above should be about center, so I had to pull tiles and the strip off before they set...As you can see around the electrical boxes the tiles wouldn't fit whole. Out with the wet saw...
"Empowered" Tile Cutter"Empowered" Tile Cutter
Incredibly messy, wet, gross, and dangerous! I am drooling in the second photo, my mouth is full of tile dust and particles. My face was/is full of tiny abrasions from the flying debris.
Wear safety glasses!!

Yummy. Tiles with Light Adhesive Spread.
The tiles were delicious though! :)
Kitchen Reno
I am painting the insides and drawers, second coat tonight. Notice the cabinet legs? Trailer ball hitches! I am gong to put a curtain (some cool vintage fabric?) in the large space because I can't find the doors to fit right now.

Being empowered isn't pretty but it sure beats the alternative. I am doing one thing a day until this whole space is finished, beautiful, mine...
Stay tuned for more...

Just Do It!


shellbell said...

wow. i admire you for getting your hands (and face) dirty to get it done yourself! i'm sure when it's finished it will be amazing! keep posting pics of the renos... it would be cool to watch the transformation!

as promised, here are some words that describe how i see you:

eloquent. gutsy. insightful. authentic. original. innovative. charitable. witty.


CrowNology said...

Thank you shellbell!
I especially like the last one!

AJ said...

Andrea, dear girl, I have been following your blog for just a little while but from the very start, I knew you had it in you! Way to go!!! And for a little emotional balance, shall we say, I suggest you immediately start reading A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle - if you have not done so already - mandatory reading for all who undergo renovations. I would send it to you if I had your address...hang in there...and yes, do as much of it yourself as you can! ox

MrsLittleJeans said...

The empowerment smile is befitting! Good for you! I am very proud of you! : )

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

You go girl!
I could afford to hier you on to the Bodensteiner Crew!

CrowNology said...

Thanks Lovelies!
I could feel you all sending "powerful" good wishes...
It makes it easier!
Back to the roller...

Anonymous said...

Way to go Andrea! Looking good. You my sweet deserve a beautiful living space and I know you will get there. Congrats...Funny how you look so beautiful no matter you, Mom

CrowNology said...

Thanks Mom.
It's because you are my mother you think that!

Torilpia said...

I'm impressed Andrea!! :o) Really - you are doing great with this. Wish I could be as "handy" as you :o)


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Wow! That's so much work but it is going to be worth it when you see it every day and smile :)