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Flickr Favourites ~A Passionate Response~

1. The jeweller bench., 2. beautiful jeweller's work bench, 3. Work Bench (D80), 4. My new workbench!, 5. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter - jeweller's bench, 6. jewellery bench, 7. Bench, 8. Jewellery Quarter Museum, 9. New Order, 10. My Bench in the Thesis Room, 11. shop - looking out, 12. PICT0017, 13. PICT0012, 14. Wasps Artists at work by photographer Neale Smith, 15. simple silver ring, 16. studio bench, 17. Studio, 18. workshop2, 19. My new bench shelf, 20. when i am working..

I feel so overwhelmed with desire I can barely contain myself!
I've been dreaming of this for about 2 years now...
Of learning the Silversmith Art.
There is nowhere to learn where I am. No beginner courses. Nothing at all.
Close, but not close enough, are 3 months worth of Sundays to learn the basics.
Which would mean a plane ride to another province and sofa surfing at a relatives home for those 90 days...But. A small price for something that causes so much passion it chokes. My throat goes tight just thinking of it. I have been acquiring little tools of the craft through EBay for about a year but I feel I need a "first starter", a mentor, a teacher to give me the basics...
I've approached a couple of local jewelers and they were less than friendly!
I am clueless about where to get the materials, what the right materials are, how to know what good prices are...So much more...But I can feel it when I look above.
This is it.
I would love it if any of you lovely jewelers (who may be reading this) could tell me how you started...A class, a course, a friends instruction, a book, a whim...?


shellbell said...

it gobsmacks me that you've asked for a little help, a little direction and got negativity in return. i guess they're afraid that your silverworks will be incredible and put them out of business - maybe they SHOULD be afraid!

i don't have anything in the way of suggestions, just sending positive vibes in your direction that it will come to you.

do you follow the Noisy Plume? she's a Canadian jewellery maker living in the US. i don't know specifically about her materials, but i know she is one lovely human being with a lot of insane talent. she might be able to give you some suggestions?

i can feel your excitement and your need to do this!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I know your lovely heart will tell your lovely hands to craft beautiful pieces ...nothing like getting closer to your dreams and goals, one step at a time

Good luck Andrea!


Laura Flavin said...

hi Andrea,
I love seeing these photos.
I had an idea, traveling for a week long workshop to Arrowmont or Penland. If you go you may learn so much that when you come home it will be time to study on your own with all that you have learned.
I hope this helps :) ~Laura

CrowNology said...

Thanks Laura...
I shall investigate! Though a "week long" would cost me more monetarily it would definitely fit into my life better!