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French ~Word a Day~

31. word = un an
meaning = year

À demain

This effort was for you MLJ! xo
I went through several set ups and none felt right...the props were good the effect was not what I wanted. So I put on the 50mm lens and the heart shaped bokeh filter I made from sheet foam (black), pulled out the faerie lights and the above happened. The little box is a vintage personal ashtray (Good Girl has one too...), antique kid gloves, lace shirt, souvenir fan and of course the vocabulary card...


P.K said...

beautiful photos.

MrsLittleJeans said... jaw fell open...even before reading I saw, OMG...I love these little valentines...I am speechless and immensely touched...tu as un coeur sanctifie', j'en suis sure : )


Line said...

how did you get the background so gorgeous and sweet!!!!!