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Looking Out...

clarity highly diminished
i need wipers
and fog lights
for my life


kerin rose said...


Ocean Girl said...

Perfect. And beautiful.

Julia Christie said...

don't we all need wipers and foglights occasionally in our lives? Love this post.

Julia Christie said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for the stop-back and the nice comment about the chapter in my book. It is very much in it's infancy, but I am having lots of fun 'getting to know' my characters. I sure appreciate any feedback so thanks.

Have a great weekend!

tena said...

wishing you some good ole sunshine and blue skies.

Love to you,

Don said...

I kind of like it without the wipers!

.kat. said...

I think many of us feel
this way sometimes, or
for me, a lot of the times!
Great capture.

ps. I really like the new
banner. :)

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

So pretty! I love the smears of aqua and brown and green.