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Plans Change

I was going to Fly
but I've broken my wing
the flight feathers

Perhaps in the Fall
when the Sun
turns silvery
and warm air


so shall I

No chance of melting
or burning...

I'll Fly so High

You'll need a telescope to see me
Amongst the stars
or in silhouette
by the bright silver sun


CrowNology said...

I was going to do a silversmithing class from mid May to the end of July. Today was registration. The class was full, only the first 8 *registeree's* were admitted. I was calling from another province...Many busy signals...I am disappointed, but on the bright side I can create the garden/backyard of my dreams and finish some reno's so I can have summer parties.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I think the garden project is very important...and you can always be designing anyhow.


Maria-Thérèse said...


C'est La Vie said...

i like this quote, i for sure needed it right now.

Anonymous said...

My daughter,
You are an inspiration to me and to others too it seems.
Your writing improves all the time. What a beautiful way with words. I am so lucky to be surrounded by loving poets.
Be happy my love because you will fly to heights you never imagined.The best is yet to be!
I am sorry about not getting in the class you wanted...but there are reasons for everything....
Love, as