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Five Senses Friday

Seeing: I am browsing the templates of Blogger. Perhaps Minima Stretch? I like the larger format for photos and feel the 3 column is too busy for the visual simplicity I am seeking. With the use of pages I can fill out the blog well enough...

Hearing: This...

Tasting: Water. Too sick to eat. I think it's time to give up diary, chocolate, red wine...I guess it could be worse...I could be reacting to coffee! ;)

Touching: Chenille robe...See above.

Smelling: Peppermint and Lavender essential oils, blended they seem to help with my migraines. I become extremely sensitive to smells and these together help to mask any other environmental scents and calm me at the same time.

6th Sense...
Intuition: Need to simplify every aspect of my existence. As I've mentioned before! ;)

What is happening in your sensory world today?


Good Girls Studio said...

seeing: my phone, text central this afternoon
hearing: my son laughing outside with his friends
tasting: black licorice (I'm an addict!)
touching: keyboard
smelling: magnolia blossoms I clipped from my parents house

6th sense: must magnify Him & not my problems!

Hope you feel better soon!


inna said...

I am seeing my messy table and room, tasting mint chocolate ice cream, touching keyboard, smelling the fresh and warm air coming from the open window, hearing music and the sound of a fountain.. have a great weekend!:)

Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh please don't give up your diary! Writing is good for you.

(Sorry; proofreader girl here! ;)

Temps perdu said...

Seeing: a livingroom in nice lighting - I moved one lamp onto the floor and it gives a very lovely dimmed light.

Tasting: mintchocolate, that I just placed in my mouth;)

Hearing: Laura Sippola, Kesäyö (finnish song)
I have been playing this on the guitar (or trying to) and humming as I don´t know the words. It´s lovely, she sings about a summer night.
And occasionally people laughing and talking in the street.

Touching: keyboard and wooden table, my bare feet are touching the floor, which is cool, otherwise it is humid here.

Smelling: evening breeze from the window, chocolate and occasionally laundry that is drying in another room.

I´m going t bed. Good night.

kerin rose said...

seeing: a pile of work on my bench that needs finishing...but its gorgeous out and I want to go play!

smelling: the garlic I just pressed into olive, love, love the smell...and eat it on everything ( hope I dont smell too!)

hearing: newly purchased Natalie Merchant tunes on ipod ( poetry set to music) I love her voice...she could sing me the phone book!
ox K

Julia Christie said...

Hope you feel much better soon Andrea!


Tammie said...

I hope you feel better soon! I use minima stretch and am happy with it. Especially on my other blog, Spirithelpers where I can make my photographs large, feel free to take a look. wishing you a blog template that excites you.

curious girl (lisa) said...

i recently switched to minima stretch. it was a bit of work in the coversion process...i am not wild about the things i have to do to get my text where i want it. regardless, i like the way it looks when i'm done editing.

for an example, look at my blue day. see how the text is floating to the right of the images? that was not planned. for the life of me i could not get it to move beneath the image. it was a challenge to my perfectionism to say the least.