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Magic Kiwi!

These were something I experimented with one night.
The kiwi was so hard I couldn't eat it so instead of a complete waste, though I did compost it, I played with it.
The kiwi stood on it's own but the lemon is supported with copper wire pushed in and bent.
I put a desk lamp and a piece of black foam sheeting behind and voila! Took the shot.
It was simple.
I've been planing to do a whole selection of translucent things. I was hoping to build a wee light box first though.
Perhaps after hearing your words I will move on that project faster!
Thank you everyone!


Maria-Thérèse said...

VERY nice with that black background! I've taken pics of lemon slices against white - pretty dull and cliché!

Caroline said...

I love these photos!! Simple and perfect!! XO

Robyn said...

I like these very much.

I was perusing my reader and it was the beautiful photos that I was drawn to.

Well done :)

best wishes for more great shots and a light box.


Joie Moring said...

nice if they've just stepped onto a stage to give a monologue of some, revealed, transparent

Ida Nielsen said...

I've been wanting to make a light box for a long time too. I've had this tutorial saved on my desktop for many months now:

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I'd love to see more! That kiwi shot is so gorgeous!