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scratch and sniff ~ so good
Christmas Season was good this year.
Strangely enough.
There were flooded basements. Pumps that needed hourly gas feedings. Leaking roofs. Bucket patrols. Chocolate induced headaches. Sleep deprivation accidents and black eyes. Missing presents. Nary a snowflake in sight. Children screaming. Adults wallowing. Tights like a straight jacket labeled irksomely "queen size"...Beef landing on my fish! Wine like antifreeze. A Chai Latte burn on my chin and chest.
And yet...It was good. I was too stressed and busy to really think about the things that were missing this year {most notably those absent cards, signed by those who have passed on in 2010}. If I had been allowed the calm and comfort the season touts, I may have ended each day in tears...The benefits of stresses outside of my head.
So now I lounge...I am reading in bed. Taking long baths with Juniper or Eucalyptus or Rose or Strawberry bubbles floating...Mostly I am writing in a brand new journal. I am thinking about 2011 and what I want for the year ahead. In two days it is my birthday. Another New Year celebration for me...Last year my Word of the Year was "Empowered"...For half the year the word was true...This year there is no single word that can bear everything I need it to...So perhaps a Birthday post will come...
I was looking through my January 2010 posts and was saddened to see how much I've let this space go...I used to share more...I'm not sure when that stopped but I assume it was with the start of the bigger renovations. Those that halted the use of my Mac...Well, things happen, other things become priority...But this space will become better in 2011. I have some ideas to be implemented...

Well my Friends it is good to be in a New Year with you.
Lets make it a good one.
A healthier, happier and kinder year than last.




Tena said...

happy almost birthday, Andrea! I'm glad to call you friend.

you have had some kind of year! hope the black eye is all better :)

here's to health and happiness and all the love you can handle!


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope this coming year is full of happiness and peace for you.

Kathleen xx

Nina said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!
Lots of gooood coming your way!

Line said...

happy birthday and happy new year I have a price for you!!

Lizzy Derksen said...

I'm so glad to hear your Christmas was good to you.