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A Weekend to Pretend...
~that I'm not sick all the time
~that I'm feeling social
~that I'm not disappointed with myself {more later...}
~that I'm a beach babe ;p
Weekend Road Trip

My Best and her Brother are taking me out of town for the weekend. His band are playing Friday night in the festival, Eastport~a~Rockin'. About a 3 hour drive from my back door, Eastport has one of few sandy beaches in Newfoundland...Saturday night brings another show in another town, Botwood. I know nothing yet of this second night...I trust the hands I am in! On Sunday we go to the beautiful town of Bonavista for Jiggs Dinner*, the traditional Newfoundland scoff, with his very soon to be in-laws. Then home again that night. I am happy to be a roadie for awhile...

My Best Friend and I plan to try every lemon meringue pie we see, drink copious amounts of coffee, play a game or two of travel Scrabble and take tons of photos...We've bought a huge tiki umbrella and lounge chairs for the beach and plan to soak as much fun out this as possible!
lucy and ethel

Although I've been sick all spring and summer I have learnt so much and met so many wonderful people...I imagine if I had been well it would have been just phenomenal!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun or exciting?
Regardless, I hope it's a good one!
Have fun!
Be safe!

* I don't really eat Jiggs Dinner because of the meat content but I'll usually have a potato and pease pudding...I love pease pudding...

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Lori ann said...

ah sweetie, sometimes pretending is a good thing, if you can get outside of your head with some fun (sounds like a promising weekend!!) maybe the awful sickies can be forgotten for a bit. and the self disappointment.

love the photo collage. (and what is pease pudding?)